Philosophy & FAQ

Our Philosophy

Just like Two wings are must for bird to fly, Two leg for human to walk & run independently, Similarly Insurance and Investment both are required to achieve financial goals. Remember Insurance is only an instrument with which can ensure your loved ones REST of life are not deprived without you & Investments is only an instrument with which you can ensure yours and yours loved ones DREAMS of life comes true in reality. Both are required and need a very good balancing act while opting the same.

While keeping in mind all the above, when we were looking for something different and something unique in name for our new beginning and launching us in field of Insurance & Investment, Our this thought only became the base and decided to give this two name first letter in our identity and used word WALA to keep it Different & DESI and maintain our cultural look.


Q) Why do you provide service only in Health & Life Insurance and not other Insurance?

A:  Our team prime focus is on individual’s essential and common requirement which is to create and generate wealth for self. Hence we kept limited to Health and Life Insurance only which are key essential for any one. Seeing the Increase in Demand we have initiated the process of getting Vehicle Insurance as it is becoming more common. But it will take just some good time as we want to give really good and competitive service which is really worth to give and will help all.

Frankly speaking you can get the service online for other insurance, But the required service in Health and Life are still not available, although it is said and advertised much.. The actual required service satisfaction is still a miss… which can be given only with personal touch.

Q) What is difference between Premier  & Platinum Services?

A:  Premier Service is limited to sales and support of basic Investment product or rather Safer Investment option such as MF, SIP, NPS etc… Where a Platinum Services is purely a Investment Product which have good RETURN & RISK Both such as Share, Stock & Commodity etc..

Q)  I am interested in Platinum Service investment; can you help and know when is it starting?

A:  Platinum Service will take at least 3 to 5 years to start full-fledged, we have fixed focus on our Premier and Standard Services. As of now we can only help you buy guiding you to good investment organization who are delivering good in our knowledge whom we know from years. How ever we do give this service to few people only

Q) What is difference between your Financial Services and others?

A: Our Service are unique as we follow certain standard and method which are proven ways you will note the same when you approach us. There are many who provide Financial Service by following same standard of CFPCM, But there are hardly few who provide all the services and support of other things required we provide to everything which one requires.

Q) Are there any fees charged extra for scheduling the SMS and Alerts option on Wealth Desk?

A: No extra fees are charged. It is inclusive of all the cost. The charges kept are just to support the system functionality and maintenance cost and is competitive and very nominal. However we do monitor the same and notify the clients if any issues or undue advantage are noted.

Q) What is the WORK FROM HOME / Part Time Work and other option provided in your Career Section?

A : It is an wonderful opportunity for any one, do get in touch with our helpdesk team they will help you to know more on this. It is best for people who are working in this field or VRS men and women.

Just for eg : One of the services we provide in claim settlement, form many other service, is temporary and situational basis where lots of co-ordination is required with on field and client and need hardly few hours of work.

Q) Are Claim Settlement and other Grievance Service given to all the people?

A : Yes, Irrespective of you be our client or not, you can avail this service. Even though our client get this service for free in processing claim settlement procedure, But the Grievance and Other Service are FEE BASED even for our clients too as they are situational and are only given as per demand as it requires extra efforts and dedicated support.

Q) Do you guarantee on your claim settlement and Grievance Service for which you charge fees?

A : We only provide support to complete the process, we do not give any assurance that claim will be passed. Please do not mis-conclude (We communicate this even in written before we process for such services. )

Fees is charged for our efforts and manpower services which is given to you in completing the process as a guidance required by particular individual on demand and which are fixed and nominal only.

Q) What is a Conditionally FREE service mentioned in your service charts?

A. We are focused to give quality service which dose allow us to get best opportunity and edge towards other, Hence customer do take our all the sales & service of the product, As a gesture towards such customer we make couple of service free for them as we earn from them only while providing sales services of product and is very beneficial for customer and brings goodwill for our firm.

Q) How do you ensure Data Security?

A: Our system services provider have a very good team and are very well managed by the professional which is trusted by many already, we know the importance of this, kindly check in the relevant section on this for more information. Check the login available for demo purpose and which will help you to know the entire relevant question you have regarding this.


Do feel free to Contact US for any more questions.